Chatterbox: Danica Hunter

Hey Danica, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a British singer/songwriter who enjoys experimenting in quirky fusions of alternative soul, pop and other genres. I’m a fresh London-based artist and have been described as having a unique soulful voice and edgy, keep-it-real, lyrics. I’ve also played Reading & Leeds Festivals on the BBC Introducing stage as well as Henley festival, Uprise and others. 

One of the key turning points for me was when I sang acapella at a BBC Introducing Masterclass in Abbey Road Studios in front of Maverick Sabre and other music industry professionals. Maverick told me he loved my voice and afterwards I ended up on the Jo Whiley Radio 2 show and found my manager in the audience.  In the past, I’ve also shared the stage with Lucy Spraggan, Little Simz, Sting, Jools Holland and the legendary Geno Washington. 

I dropped my first EP ‘LiES & BUTTERFLiES’ late 2014 with lead track ‘When will the love begin?’. 

Could you give us some background on the new single. 

My most recent single release ‘Typical’ hopefully turns the word on its head with distorted, heavy, low-fi production in contrast to soulful vocals – alongside a creative and upbeat video. Fred and I worked well together and the ideas started flowing. One idea was to start with real instruments and put that heavy, grungy beat beside my voice. We came up with some samples, which we used to inspire the rest of the track. We liked the idea of the low-fi distortion to keep that authentic, sludgy timeless feel of old vinyls but with heavy driving beats to accompany the soulful vocals and the fresh, edgy lyrics.

What’s on the horizon for you?

We’ve just dropped the video for ‘Typical’ on 19th January and the sound track is making its way to Spotify and Apple etc., as we speak. I have been working with other producers, in addition to Fred, and have accumulated a lot of exciting work which I plan to release throughout the year. This is going to be a very special year for me as I now know who I am as artist – I am enjoying having the freedom to experiment and stretch the limits of my creativity. 

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