Purple Pop: Have A Good Day, Daniel McMillan feat. Kasper Juul, Simón, Ruxley, Juliander, Cate Tomlinson, Gabby, Kyle Richardson, Valley, Cheska Moore

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

Dreamy pop duo Have A Good Day returns with their glittery single ‘Feels Like Magic.’ Following their successful debut track, the energetic and upbeat sweetness of their latest release bursts with colorful synths and a catchy, chant-worthy chorus. It’s an anthem of bliss, capturing the moment of feeling free and finding internal validation. Exploring themes of self-discovery and acceptance, the track delivers a triumphant message of joy. With trancing beats and explosive joy, ‘Feels Like Magic’ is a feel-good release that invites listeners to embrace their true selves. Join Have A Good Day on their journey of self-exploration and pure delight.

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Australian-born, Denmark-raised artist Daniel McMillan is making waves with his transition into the pop genre. With a solid foundation in the electronic dance scene and over 10 million streams under his belt, McMillan’s latest single ‘Drag Me Down’ showcases his infectious melodies and summer-ready vibes that are impossible to resist. Teaming up with Kasper Juul, McMillan delivers a song that exudes positivity and a feel-good atmosphere. From the moment the track begins, it becomes evident that it’s impossible to stay in a bad mood while listening to it. With its captivating melody and uplifting energy, ‘Drag Me Down’ is an instant mood booster.

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At just 17 years old, Simón is already a rising singer-songwriter from the Miami music scene and more recently he has unveiled his fascinating single ‘Losing Sleep’. Simón was born into a musical family of Colombian heritage and his diverse upbringing shines through in his English and Spanish-infused music, as you’ll hear in this latest single. Produced by Jona Camacho and Alfonso Ordoñez, ‘Losing Sleep’ boasts a pop infusion of Anglo and Latin music influences, reflecting the vibrant multicultural environment of the artist’s hometown in Florida. This release is another step towards Simón’s debut EP, which promises to be a fresh and current musical experience that will leave listeners craving more.

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Ruxley, the moniker of British singer-songwriter Rupert Blackman, recently unveiled his heartfelt single ‘this song should not exist’ as the first of his upcoming releases through [PIAS] Recordings. The poignant track delves into the personal loss of his sister, expressing the everlasting weight of grief and contemplating the unfairness of losing loved ones. Formerly known as the lead vocalist of band Causes, Ruxley’s journey led him to Amsterdam, where he gained recognition and success. Now returning as a solo artist, he explores themes of loss, love, and self-reflection in his authentic and candid songwriting. ‘this song should not exist’ captures the rollercoaster of emotions experienced in times of mourning and showcases Ruxley’s commitment to writing his truth as an artist reborn.

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Swedish artist and songwriter Juliander unveils his highly anticipated sophomore EP, Introspection, which features the focus track ‘Strange.’ The EP is a culmination of a personal journey that began during the global pandemic, as he found solace in a secluded studio surrounded by vintage analog synths. Embracing the opportunity for self-reflection, the artist delves into new musical territories, translating his initial ideas into a complete and transformative experience for listeners. Sitting at the heart of the EP, ‘Strange’ is a vulnerable, stripped-down pop ballad that explores the complexities of love. Through deeply personal and introspective songs, Juliander showcases his artistic growth and versatile songwriting, solidifying his position as an evolving and creative artist.

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Back for a second time on Purple Melon we have Cate Tomlinson who is back with new single with ‘Damage Control’. This track contains her distinctive blend of pop, rock and soul, enhancing the heartfelt lyrics and a powerful vocal performance. Through Tomlinson’s clever wordplay and gritty storytelling create a tapestry of emotions, ‘Damage Control’ takes listeners on a journey of self-restoration and resilience in the face of challenging experiences. The recurring theme of the color blue adds further depth and symbolism to this message. This is a must-listen track for intelligent yet relatable indie-pop lovers.

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Gabby, a talented 21-year-old singer and songwriter based in Pittsburgh, PA, is set to make waves with her debut EP, confessions from my bedroom. With a passion for music and a willingness to explore various genres, Gabby showcases her versatility and artistry. Her newest single ‘thoughts at breakfast’ is a soft bedroom pop song that delves into the random thoughts that occupy her mind. If you’re a fan of melancholic sounds, this new single is a must-listen. Her introspective style shines through as she skillfully blends indie pop, bedroom pop, and lo-fi pop elements. With its evocative melodies and introspective lyrics, ‘thoughts at breakfast’ captures the essence. Give it a listen and immerse yourself in Gabby’s unique musical world.

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Canadian pop artist Kyle Richardson’s single ‘Can You Hear Me’ is a preview of his upcoming debut album, Louder Than Words. Co-written with Andrew Allen and Jeff Dawson, the track combines modern pop sensibilities with a rock edge. The song features bouncy verses, catchy call-and-response choruses, and energetic percussion. Richardson’s lyrics embody inspiration, optimism, and a nostalgic nod to the past. With a fresh pop spin on the sound, ‘Can You Hear Me’ showcases the artist’s creative identity and sets the tone for the album’s themes of hope, love, and friendship. As a reintroduction for the LGBTQIA+ artist, this single marks a significant milestone in his musical journey.

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Alternative-pop band Valley, consisting of Rob Laska, Michael “Mickey” Brandolino, Alex Dimauro, and Karah James, presents their steadfast new single ‘Break For You’. The track serves as the third single from their upcoming sophomore album, Lost In Translation, scheduled for release in June this year. Valley has already been performing ‘Break For You’ live during their tour, receiving enthusiastic responses from audiences. Drummer and vocalist Karah James describes the song as a serendipitous creation with effortless lyrics and melodies. Alongside the new single, Valley has also revealed the official tracklist for the Lost In Translation LP, which includes previously released tracks ‘Throwback Tears’ and ‘Good, But Not Together’. Anticipation builds for the band’s forthcoming album.

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South London alt-pop artist Cheska Moore delivers a twisted and unapologetic exploration of toxic relationships with her latest single ‘Don’t Talk’. The track immerses listeners in a dark sonic landscape, with distorted synths and eerie, pitch-shifted vocals setting the mood. The artist’s haunting delivery draws you in as she fearlessly exposes the purposeful toxicity within a relationship. As the intensity builds, the track is further driven by gritty bass lines and a driving rhythm, creating an irresistible energy. With ‘Don’t Talk’, Moore continues to push boundaries and establish herself as a rising force in the dark-pop scene, captivating listeners with her brazen and emotionally charged sound.

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