Mini Melon Mix Ups: Emily + Shawn, Ty Robinson, Poster Child, blunnii, Edge of The World and Finn O’Hara

It’a that time again when we do our biggest new music round-up of the past fortnight, here’s everything that’s popped up onto our radar that we think will get you through the next two weeks! As ever, it’s a smorgasbord of genres, styles, artists and bands – something to suit every palette!

We simply love this americana, funk and soul influence track from the dynamic duo ‘Emily + Shawn’. ‘What You Got’ cinches on riveting rhythms and warm acoustic guitars which gives it that real homespun aesthetic, but when you add in a slick bass line and supporting choir, the whole track is elevated into a celebration. Emily’s vocals are flawless and earthy throughout and Shawn’s musicianship adds that modern-folk flair.

“Homegrown and multi-faceted are concepts that are really important to us. We take a deep interest in nuances and exploring. Our songs are often vignettes of our life, or they capture some moment in time or give insights into specific feelings.” – Emily

“The passing of time and a nostalgic quality are common themes in our music.” – Shawn

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‘Distance’ is the steamy R&B-pop number from former Army sergeant turned full-time musician Ty Robinson, who is currently based in Los Angeles in order to pursue his creative passions. Clearly, he’s found a sound that compliments his smokey and seductive vocal, and with this newest single, he even givens it a summery edge with those tropical-inspired lounge beats.

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We’re jazzed to have Nashville based psych indie-pop meets funk-soul duo Poster Child (vocalist/songwriter Theresa Gorella and guitarist/songwriter/producer Andrew Royal) in rotation this fortnight with their impossible to ignore track ‘Space Camp’. This zesty single tells the story of a nerdy summer romance with playful instrumental riffs and an instantly catchy chorus.

“We love working with older processes. Film, tape, tube amps… they each have an intentional nature to them. We approach the sound design of our music with that in mind, taking advantage of the unique signal flow of my studio [Silver Tongue Studio] to put some heat on a lot of the main sources, the kind you can only get from circa 1950s-70s gear. When we track it’s immediately nostalgic.” – Andrew Royal 

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The Californian duo of lyricist/vocalist Jackie and producer/instrumentalist Kevin were first introduced through mutual friends at high school but soon afterwards drifted apart as their lives took very different turns. The manager and lead singer of Kevin’s indie-pop band fled to Indonesia to make an OnlyFans (as you do…) and Jackie was working two jobs to pay for cancer treatments, so when they came back together to make music again, it was exactly what they both needed at that time. This symbiotic relationship resulted in Blunnii, their shared project which debuts with the calm and sage lofi, bedroom-pop song ‘2 yung 2 die’.

“It can feel really uncomfortable trying to navigate your own issues when you have a partner. This song is about being in your head and projecting your own problems onto someone else.” – Jackie

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An interesting one thrown into the mix now with new album ‘Signs’ from Rock infused, Post-Grunge band Edge of The World. Formed not long after the Russian poet Vladimir began recording the album ‘My Book of Answers’ with Rock artist Ken Hensley, this initial project is based on poems written by Vladimir. One introduced to musicians Igor and Anton, Edge of The World was formed. After seeing the potential of the first few songs or the album were recorded in Russian, they decided to also record an album in English, hand selecting 14 poems, this is the story of ‘Signs’.

“Most of the songs are Vladimir’s personal experiences, the relationship between a man and a woman, but the main song from the album called “Signs”is about something else, something maybe even mystical, hidden side of our life. Global issues are regulated by a small group of people, very rich people, we can say that our world is ruled by money, you can buy everything you want, if you have enough money: food, clothing, human resources or even man himself, and this is so sad! Those people who have gathered money and resources, act solely in their own interests, and not in the interests of society. And that’s what this song is about, most people have sold themselves for nothing, they work at a job they don’t like, they buy things they don’t need, they eat junk food, they don’t sleep well and suffer from depression, and why? because they sold themselves for nothing, but sooner or later all this will collapse overnight and people will realise that they are chasing false values.”

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Last but by no means least we’re leaving you on a catchy, classic pop number from young, upcoming Irish artist Finn O’Hara. Presenting his sophomore single ‘You Deserve A Better Man’, it follows debut single ‘Silhouette’ which was picked up on TikTok right off the bat. Oozing with soothing and emotional melodies strung together in an electronic pop soundscape, this next offering is sure to be equally as successful, if not more and certainly cements him as one to keep your eyes on.

“I initially wrote the track about a friend of mine who feels she can never find the right person for her and was stuck in a situationship that was very toxic. I took lots of inspiration from different posts I had seen in social media where people feel they’re never good enough for more than a one night stand which I found really frustrating and sad to see, giving rise to the one night stand line in the chorus.”

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