FF Rari shines on newest rap/pop hybrid single, ‘The Base’

American-born talent FF Rari shines on his newest genre-bending single ‘The Base’, an eclectic blend of electronic pop and trap with a sprinkling of modern rap for good measure. A mish-mash of sounds, textures and influences, ‘The Base’ is a truly unique offering which sees the young songwriter and emcee flex his lyrical prowess and characteristically disjointed flows over an intricate, futuristic trap beat that almost sounds like it should be in a video game.

A determined artist and an incredibly versatile rapper, still on the rise, FF Rarri lives and breathes music but is also vocal about the many pitfalls of theinsdustry, especially for young and upcoming acts such as himself.

Speaking on some of the changes he’d like to see, FF Rari explains:

“Only thing I hate in the music industry is how labels and people with power want you to do the same as every other artist just because that’s working right now. I find inspiration in myself and my friends that are artists as well and in the places I go give me motivation to keep going.”

Listen to FF Rarri – The Base


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