Confetti crash the party with new single ‘Guilty Pleasures’

Bursting with infectious energy from the get go, the infamous elephant duo return with punchy new single ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Bouncy, fun and oozing with that feel good factor, this pop-rock number follows the pairs usual catchy and anthemic winning recipe.

Chock-a-block with pop-cultural references, these two have an absolute knack for writing ear worm tunes that always suit the current tone. ‘Guilty Pleasures’ follows Confettis debut album The Circus: Act 1 released earlier this year and now sets the pace for their next full length project of the same name. So lucky for us, this is but another beginning to a whole heap of new music from these rambunctious, tusky twins.

“it’s a pop throwback full of positive, happy vibes. The song is about those pesky guilty pleasures that sneak their way into your present day life. If it’s slightly nostalgic and slightly embarrassing, chances are high that it’s a guilty pleasure.” – Confetti

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