Innovative producer NGHTMRE drops melodic track ‘Scars’ feat. Yung Pinch

For some time now, producer NGHTMRE has been held up as one of EDM’s best innovators. There’s an organic fluidity and energy to his music that can only be achieved from years of honing your craft and having a deep understanding of the tools that you’re working with. NGHTMRE’s passion shines through on newest work ‘Scars’ featuring the effectual pop vocals of Yung Pinch.

Inspired by melodic hip-hop beats, the Los Angeles based producer blends atmospheric chord progressions, vocal blips, resounding basslines and tranquil guitar plucks. It’s complex without a doubt, but it’s not overwhelming. Perfectly balanced, with Yung Pinch adding his own flavour to the mix.

‘Scars’ is out now on Ultra Records.

“I’ve been making a good bit of Hip Hop recently but nothing too melodic! I was excited to try my hand in some cool melodic Hip Hop vibes. Yung Pinch did such a great job with the vocal and I tried to keep the vibe going for the drop/hook. I hope everyone loves this as much as we do!! It’s already been stuck in my head for months.” – NGHTMRE

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