Listen to LaVo’s latest nostalgic heartbreak number, ‘Night Train’

Returning to the scene with a brand spanking new single, emerging indie artist LaVo unveils his latest nostalgic, alt-pop offering, ‘Night Train’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Foals, Flume and Tame Impala, LaVo combines modern styles with a heavy dose of youthful 90s and 00’s pop to create his memorable, feel-good tunes.

“’Night Train’ Explores themes of loneliness, longing, hope and desperation. It is lyrically mostly about the novelty of love. The sometimes randomness of it all and the serendipity in contrast. Alluding to the sentiment of ‘The harder you look the less you find’. Exploring the torment of feeling lost yet finding something incredible along the way. This was something personally I had never experienced and looking back on it there still feels no way to prepare for it.

Following closely from the release of his debut single, ‘Tango’, ‘Night Train’ focuses on themes of loneliness, heartbreak and the emotional after-effects of a relationship. Honest, introspective and widely relatable, LaVo manages to capture raw human emotion and deliver it to his audience delicately wrapped in punchy pop percussion, gently piano chords, piercing chimes and hazy, yearnsome vocals, transporting the listener to a world of introspection and forlorn nostalgia.

Since bursting onto the scene earlier in 2021, LaVo has already accumulated over 160,000 streams on his debut single ‘Tango’. Now, LaVo looks to 2021 with positive energy as it’s set to be a huge year for the indie artist who has his sights set on the stratosphere!

LaVo – Night Train


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