Citrus Fresh puts Limerick on the map with ‘You and Me’

New, unique and utterly refreshing (as the name suggests) is Citrus fresh. Seemingly out of nowhere, hailing from the unassuming city streets of Limerick, his newest single and accompanying video is something never seen from Ireland before. A contrasting combination ‘You and Me’ truly captures the essence of the emerald isle’s underground music culture. Taking the unmistakeable accent, the familiar sound of the lively Limerick rap scene and combining it with an organic instrumentation, contemporary production and an incredibly innovative visual to match.

A sophisticated juxtaposition between the upbeat, almost nonchalant nature of the tune itself alongside the objectively dark lyricism which nods to the constant balance and battle with mental health. Tie this in with the suggestive imagery and you have one of the most refreshing, exciting pieces of music to be released this year. Genre blending and bending with a finesse well beyond his years, this young artist is determined to put Limerick firmly on the map with his artistry and quite frankly we can’t get enough. Luckily for us with a debut album confirmed in December, we don’t have to wait long.

Make sure you catch ‘Operating System’ out on December 10th and get yourself acquainted with one of Irelands most ingenious up and coming artists – Citrus Fresh.

“This song and video were an incredibly cathartic process for me and was really created to shine somewhat of a light on the trickier side of mental health troubles that I find myself, and a lot of the people close to me are dealing with. The song poses the idea of a conversation with oneself in the mirror, but offering a unique perspective by treating the reflection as an entirely different entity.” – Citrus Fresh

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