PREMIERE: Micco & Elias drop ‘Slow Tidings’ (feat. Aria Vince).

Producer duo Micco & Elias have teamed up yet again, this time joined by Aria Vince in newest single ‘Slow Tidings’. Released via London label Absent Mind, ‘Slow Tidings’ is a relaxed, laid back tune that encompasses and combines the differing styles of both Micco & Elias. Always stepping up to the challenge, the producer tag team blend both their versions of R&B, Hip Hop and effortless Downtempo feels, completed by Arias vocals, sitting perfectly like the icing on a very well baked, rather delicious cake.

‘Slow Tidings’ is the 4th time the two have doubled up, clearly showcasing how well they both work together. The track highlights Elias’s recognisable melancholic sound, moody chord sequences and is layered with intricate percussion, whilst both Aria & Micco dust their prevalent vocals over the top, detailing a lovers past. ‘Slow Tidings’ is a track perfect for the warm, heated summer nights to come.

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