Cut CoCo drops debut single ‘Crush’.

Introducing you to producer and DJ, Cut CoCo as he drops his debut single and unique take on the Jennifer Paige classic – ‘Crush’. Having made a prominent appearance in 2019 within the electronic scene, Cut CoCo has since moved away from his origins of bedroom production and into the international scene. Mixing up the finest elements of Dance down to House music, he presents this iconic debut, filled with catchy beats and a fresh, crisp vocal energy, get down to ‘Crush’ this summer.

When Jennifer Paige released ‘Crush’ for the first time, literally everybody was amazed by this new Billboard hit;a feel-good song that was necessary on every road trip – and will be again from this year on. Electronic music has always been the love of my life. But you know, everybody has these guilty pleasure songs and I want to take these songs and make them to something new, something everybody can get as excited about as me.” – Cut CoCo


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