Dom McAllister is making ‘Movements’ with latest release.

British born Dom McAllister releases follow up single ‘Movements’ to compliment its predecessor ‘Prospects’. Drawing early inspiration from artists such as Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke, Dom explores the concepts of love and equality within his song writing.

Dom has embraced diversity from an early age having grown up in a Scottish and Filipino household. A contrast of cultures during his upbringing has given him a unique understanding and perspective into the beauty of culture.

With this newest release it is clear he is unashamedly embracing who he is and his roots, whilst also hoping to break down barriers and through stereotypes.

‘Movements’ tips towards a new, highly anticipated era of R&B, combined with subtle trap nuances. These elements are interlaced together with Doms nectarous, soulful vocals that will leave you feeling fully satisfied, yet hungrily ready for more.

“Movements naturally became a follow up after Prospects. The song’s about finding yourself in a pattern of falling for someone who is emotionally unavailable. The repetition of ‘I get what I want but I can’t have you’ means that I was happy in other aspects of my life. Counting my blessings although my love life seemed to haunt me even if I wasn’t actively dating or searching for love. Movements dives into depth of how sexuality can complicate things when someone isn’t secure in themselves. Even dealing with the bitter end of things, it’s still quite a liberating song that hints that I wouldn’t change anything about myself.”- Dom McAllister


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