‘ugh!’ is the new single from LA’s dwilly – taken from his upcoming debut EP

Los Angeles-based David Wilson, aka dwilly, has just released ‘ugh!’; the new single from his upcoming debut EP ‘CRAYOLA’. He has made a name for himself on the electronic scene, trading on his unique blend of imaginative elements – from sizzling synths to glassy guitars. His genre-defying signature sound has resulted in over 10 million streams,  with releases via Monstercat and Majestic Casual. ‘ugh!’ is another winner, with dwilly’s confident vocal taking center stage.

“CRAYOLA” the EP is a retirement from the early stages of my artistry and into my deeper darker personal struggles. As I approach the age of 24, I realize my music has matured into something much more emotional and honest. That being said, the songs are flooded with immaturity, youthfulness, and a punch to the gut. ugh! is about dissolving your problems and letting off steam.” – dwilly


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