Introducing: London-based Iranian newcomer Gola shares her empowering debut single ‘The Line’

Newcomer Gola shares her powerful debut single ‘The Line‘, an ode to defiance, empowerment and the reclamation of identity. The single comprises atmospheric, energetic production and indubitable vocals which serves as a vehicle for Gola’s expressive lyricism; it is an exquisite piece of R&B with a twist which is inspired by the artist’s eclectic personal musical heritage. ‘The Line’ is the product of years of hard work, perseverance and true grit; Gola’s is an integral voice at a time when the world needs to stop and listen.

While the battle for empowerment and equality is one of the loudest conversations of 2018, it is a truth that Gola has been living her entire life. She was born and raised in Iran, where it is a punishable offence for women to sing or dance in public, let alone forge a career as a successful female musician. It was then that Gola reached the end of her own line, realising that her only chance at establishing a lasting career in music was to leave everything behind – her home, her family, her friends – and live and work in exile. When moving to London, Gola enrolled on a Music Psychology MA and worked tirelessly to make her dream a reality, spurred on by her do or die attitude and belief in the power of change.


“There is always a stage in your life when you say “enough is enough” and you make a change to reclaim your power. ‘The Line’ is a metaphor that is deeply personal but at the same time I feel that everyone can relate to its meaning. The overriding message is about the power of women, unity and the strength inside each of us. So many women today don’t have the chance to have their voice heard and I feel that I have the responsibility as an artist to be a voice for them, while also staying true to myself.”  – Gola


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