Introducing: new to the pop scene Girl Wilde shares her empowering debut single ‘Bad Side’

Genre-defying Girl Wilde, a new project by an experienced singer/songwriter whose true identity is kept under wraps for now, has released her infectious debut single ‘Bad Side’. Blending influences of rock, pop, and electronic, she is carving out a distinct and fresh sound which is her own, with the desire to be unrestricted by genre, expectations, and trends. Girl Wilde’s flawless vocals glide over playful production and a fresh beat; all brought together by an empowering rock-infused chorus.


“’Bad Side’ was unintentionally the first song I wrote for the project. I went into the studio with Allie Mcdonald and Dave Burris and spoke to them about the side we try to hide from people when we first meet them. The mess, the struggles, the downright uncomfortable and unattractive truths. We found ourselves giggling over the stupid and destructive things we did as our past selves to seem more desirable. We felt sassy and empowered. We just had a really good time making it and I hope people will feel that.” – Girl Wilde



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