Introducing: newcomer Idarose shares her powerful debut single ‘Talk About Myself’

Newcomer Idarose enters the synth-pop stratosphere with her powerful debut single ‘Talk About Myself’, written as an ode to the artist’s flaws. The track amalgamates effervescent synth-led production, dynamic vocals and an irresistible hook; all components serve as a channel for Idarose’s vulnerable lyricism which is drenched in fervency.

“‘Talk About Myself’ is a song about not being afraid to speak out. It’s about trying to be confident in the person that I’ve grown into, comfortable in my own skin, okay with where I am in life, and accepting of my flaws. It’s about feeling ready to be the face and voice that carries the words I write. I wanted it to be the first song that I released to the world because it feels like the right introduction to who Idarose really is. I hope from the bottom of my heart that this song could maybe help others learn to love themselves like it helped me.” – Idarose



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