Behind The Music: biLLLy talks to us about Egypt, Suzi Wu and unwraps his new single ‘Moving’.

biLLLy is a rapidly emerging producer based in London, the multi-instrumentalist has been on our radar since he released Sertraline a few years ago. Since then, he has dropped a number of singles including the Kitsuné co-sign ‘Can’t Blame‘ and the enigmatic ‘Confused Lover’. With well over two million total streams on Spotify biLLLy is beginning to stamp his name on the London scene. We had a chat and unwrapped his new single ‘Moving’, which you can hear below.

Hey Big B, thanks for chatting to us, how’ve you been?

Yo Lex, good to hear from you dude. 2017’s been mental! Soooo much has gone down this year right? Ready for some xmas shenanigans now to be honest!

Too right. Could you tell our readers something about you that they might not find out otherwise?

Ok, I’ve got a mad story about a time in Egypt. I was out there with my band ‘Wow’ just before the Arab Spring. We decided to take a ride to the Sinai peninsula but got caught up in one of the worst storms in 20 years! We only had beach shacks to sleep in which soon flooded so spent the night strolling around the sea praying for the morning to come around quicker! Once we’d finally recovered from the carnage which included an entire body full of mosquito bites we made our way back to Cairo. It was at that point we made our first single out there titled Sinai Storm, unfortunately it never saw the light of day 😉


So, how did Moving come about and what does it draw on?

I had a series of really emotional episodes last year which felt never-ending and needed to write a track that changed my perspective. It had to be something dancy and positive. It’s about moving to a better place in life I guess and not letting shit get in the way.

How did it evolve in the studio?

The track actually started off much slower and had a kind of Gracelands-esque guitar riff running through it. I kept feeling like it needed to be more dancy so eventually put a funky sub bass line in and percussion’d it up big time… Working on the extended mix right now!


You’ve been playing drums for Suzi Wu, how did that end up happening?

Yeh, we’ve been making music together now for a while. After we’d finished her debut EP the next step was to put a live band together, she wanted me involved and I was flattered! Such a fun band to be a part of, you gotta come down to our next show in January at the Lexington!

I’ll be there! What has been the high-point of 2017 for you?

Probably releasing this track! haha. No seriously it feels amazing but I’m also super happy to be back on stage playing shows again.

Where do you see 2018 taking you?

I’m pretty psyched about developing my sound further. Have a load of ideas there and feel like 2018 is gonna get wild! 

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