TRusT is the new EP from Canadian songwriter and producer EhCee

TRusT is the debut EP from Canadian songwriter, producer and artist EhCee. It draws on the notions of handling fake people as he walks his own path – far from the structured one he stepped before. It’s a choice that is becoming more prevalent in immigrant communities, where sensible, vocational careers are preferred out of necessity. I can vouch for this, as the son of an asian mother – I probs should’ve been a doctor. However, second generation kids are increasingly choosing to move towards the arts, and other creative practices. This is something that EhCee touches upon in the record.


In terms of production, TRusT is a post-R&B based project – swirling synths, and brash percussion pepper the tracks. The record falls somewhere between Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. Soaring melodies abound, with EhCee preferring sparse instrumentals to frame his vocal.

“It hasn’t been an easy road to get where I am today and many people that have come my way have all shown their fakeness in one way or another. This EP gives an insight into how people have treated me and I made this so people would have someone to relate to if they’re going through similar circumstances. Whether it be a world driven by Egomaniacs, or someone who’s Waiting For Your Loss, I feel like I’ve covered most of the ground for how fake people can be.” – EhCee


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