Libyan songwriter Bahjat releases his second single ‘Say It’

Bahjat is a 22 year old songwriter and artist from Libya. He has just released his new single ‘Say It’, which follows on from his debut offering ‘Stand Tall’. It’s a slow burner, built atop a pulsating guitar riff that rocks in and out of focus – punctuated with flickering percussion and Bahjat’s floaty vocal.

“Say It is a song I wrote about going through having feelings for someone, and them dropping hints but never actually admitting it to you. I had already been hurt before from being the one to always open up first, so when I went through the experience again, I couldn’t help but wish for her to say it first, because I knew she felt something back. Whenever we would be together, all I could think in my head was “say it.. I know you feel it too”, so then I went back home and as I always do, I wrote down everything I felt in a song, because that’s how I deal with my emotions.” – Bahjat


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