Chatterbox: Dillistone

Hey, could you give us a bit of background on the new single?

‘Don’t Know Why’ was actually a bit of a rare thing. I was alone in Copenhagen and had an idea to try do something more simple and stripped back and just threw something together in a project with those first couple of chord hits you hear.

Lili and I are very close and we normally keep each other in the loop with ideas and bounce vibes back and forth and she sent back these beautiful vocals with powerful lyrics. It’s not often that two elements work perfectly together on the first go, so we just had to put the song out there.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I’m working on a lot of really cool projects at the moment, and for the first time I’m exploring making songs that are more uptempo which is really exciting and a whole new challenge. There’s two very special songs I hope to have out soon.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Personally I’m looking forward to getting a live set together for the first time, and if all goes well you will see me behind the decks too in the near future. Beers are on me

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