Chatterbox: J-Hop

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Yeah, so my name is J-Hop, I’m 23, from St. Louis and I like to write cool raps and stuff a lot of the time. I’m a part of a collective Get Rich With Your Friends with my producer Charles Lauste and a lot of other talented people. I really just like making music based off what I feel, I don’t really have a particular sound I just make really whatever I’m feeling like mentally, emotionally, and based off the things I see.

Where did the new single come from?

This new single EMPt’d came from a “dead end” my producer Charles Lauste and I ran into while working on our new project 70V thats coming out this summer. The song itself really came from a sense of self-reflection on question like, who am I? Where am I going? What’s the plan or vision of me in the future? What’s going on, in regards to not only St. Louis but the social climate in this country all from the mindset of myself at 17. So that emptiness I feel trying to discover these things is a metaphor for the literal emptiness in my gas tank while driving.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

There’s definitely more content coming this track really is just a piece in the puzzle of not only this project 70V but even bigger things. There’s really a lot going on, I’ll explain more of that as time moves forward, but definitely expect a lot of new music, shows, videos, etc.

Whats on the Horizon for you?

Really just continuing to push a lot of content, and this year starting to do shows around the country. Just looking forward to making strides with my team and help promote the city of St. Louis the right way whether its good or bad, but yea it’s a lot on the horizon I’m really big on letting people see the end result.

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