Chatterbox: Weslee

Hey, tell us a bit about the project.

Weslee is Josh and Emma, I (Josh) grew up in Kansas before relocating to NY and then to London, Emma grew up in London, moved to NY, and now is back and forth between the two.  We met in NY because of a shared donut passion.

How did the new track come about?

The new single is one of the first songs we wrote together, we had been chasing ideas all day and nothing had clicked, emma walked to the shop to get us snacks and i had some chords finally click, she came back fully loaded with treats and wrote the lyrics and melody in about an hour.  

The vibe just sort of built from there, chopping up her vocals and mine and just making the track from that.  I think Emma has incriminating video evidence of my angel like voice somewhere on her phone.

Is there more content to come soon?

There is loads more content in the pipeline, we’ve been writing for over a year and hope to put out our first EP this summer. 

What’s on the horizon for you guys?

Trying to convince someone in London to open a proper NY donut shop… just hope to continue to write and put out records we like, and hopefully that translates into other people liking them as well.

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