Chatterbox: Akil Ali x Best Friend

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Akil Ali! The warrior of the art and the youth. Houston is my home but LA is my terrain of choice. Been a writer since 12 years old with a extensive imagination. That’s also the age I wrote my first rap song. My father aspired to rap when I was a child so I grasped hold of the culture as a toddler. I fell in love with Hip Hop and soul music first. Everything else came after. Besides the passion for it, that came instantly.

How did the new single come about?

I was working for a blog accepting and declining various music and I came across ‘BESTFRIEND’s music submission. I was blown away by their creativeness in the production, it was exactly what I was looking for without knowing. Colorful, soulfulness, bouncy and able to put a story to it. This drove me to check out their SoundCloud catalog. I discovered a couple tracks I liked but the ‘Do the Daylight’ instrumental gave me chills… literally!

Immediately I began throwing words and cadence around in my head. The beat just made me feel like a super hero, like theme music to me arriving to a battle. But knowing I would skillfully defeat all opposition. Or whoever thought they were head honcho and untouchable. I’m coming for them…musically. And that’s where the DETHRONE aspect comes in! The verses, hook, and bridge just elaborate on that. I’m about to shock the world and tear shit down!

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Content from all different corners of my life plays a big part on my music. But I honestly love to tell someone else’s story that masses can relate to. Topics and scenarios not usually spoken on. Or if they have been, not specific enough. I want my sentiments to hit home like a knock at the front door.

For your soul to be warmed and electrified. Art that’ll last forever with you. Music that matches emotion. Great production from those like ‘BESTFRIEND’ are a massive amount of help to create those type of tunes. The beats inspire the words for me! I feel like my music is for people who want more out of life but the important shit.Unconditional Love, happiness within, fun, good health, family, relationship with God, ambition, adversity, struggle, pain, fear, and obtaining/overcoming all of that. The underdog.

What’s on the horizon for you?

THINK THINK THINK!!!! ‘Think’ is the album I’ve been focused in on for a year or so now. All original songs about escaping a fate that seems unfit for you if you evolve and be your self. Go where God and your heart leads you. And not to listen to others who speak/act out of fear or uncertainty. To “Terminate Hate. Instill Nobility and Knowledge” (THINK). I’m extremely excited for people to hear it and feel it. I also have a segment on my social networks that I do entitled #LessThan2

I rap for less than 2 minutes over various beats of choice. Every other Thursday. This Thursday March 9th will be a brand new episode. I encourage everyone to tune in! The shit be frosty! This year my objective is to give as many people as possible the War.Ali story and life perspective through dope music. A website will be available soon for direct updates for all who feel what I’m saying. GMTA

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