Chatterbox: ANIMA!

Hey, could you give us some background on the new single?

This track popped out of that “Monday blues” feeling you get when you can’t seem to find motivation to get through another day of your job. I woke up one day and decided I will never work a job that doesn’t give me something beyond a paycheck ever again. We work to survive, but we aren’t fully surviving without doing what makes us happy. I wanted this song to show people that we are worth more than what we do to pay the bills!

Is the more content in the pipeline?

I can’t say too much, but hell yes. There are some pretty cool songs on the way that may or may not be my favorite work we’ve ever done.

What’s on the horizon for ANIMA?

Counting down the days until we toss these songs into the universe and I get to see Vicente again to play some of this new material live!

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