Dom McAllister releases masterful debut EP ‘Low on A Wave’.

As we hit the final day of January and arguably the longest month of the year, we are rewarded with a special treat for our patience and it’s not just seeing the back of those lingering January blues.

Scottish-filipino musician, Dom McAllister has dropped his highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Low on A Wave’ and boy, was it worth the wait.

A carefully curated selection, his EP contains the songs ‘Movements’, a personal favourite, ‘Incense’, ‘Camouflage’, ‘Prospects’, ‘Lingers (No lie)’ and the single ‘Intentions’ featuring rapper Jords.

This fully fledged offering manages to capture all the essences of Dom, from his heritage and musicality to his soothingly soulful vocals, all of which are encapsulated in a vast ray of mesmerising modern pop. Including cinematic synths, honest, hard hitting lyrics and even trap and hip hop inspired beats, ‘Low on A Wave’ holds the definition for the word “Vibey” and really does have a little bit of everything. Drawing influences from Aretha Franklin to Sam Cooke, these artists have not only affected Dom‘s sound but also his song writing, allowing him to explore the concepts of love and equality within his music.

Having released such a strong catalogue of connective, urban and “wavey” material during just the first month of the year, it is clear Dom has harnessed that 2020 energy and that this is just the beginning for our prince of modern pop.

“‘Low on a wave’ represents many things that we struggle with whilst trying to find ourselves. Sounds all extremely deep but with a little help from the mellow trap and hip hop beats I hope that listeners can still vibe to it.

Even if there were no lyrics to these tracks, I feel the producers have captured sense of emotion with every chord change, beat and moody synth. Today we respond to a #mood or vibe we all want to feel, so I wanted to create something quite “wavey” yet still expressing how I felt at the time. If anyone is feeling alone for whatever reason, I hope this can sail anybody’s low on a wave to remember we’re all going through something.” – Dom.


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