Indie-electro duo Sleeping Lion release magnificent new single ‘Easy For You’

2017 was a breakout year for Sleeping Lion, the pair released their most successful track to date ‘Stop It’. This upward momentum, coupled with the dissolution of member Nate Flaks’ relationship, spurred a move from Boston to Los Angeles. Their new single ‘Easy For You’ charts this move, in all its positive and negative wonder. “The first verse is very apologetic,” Flaks explains. “I’m this way, I’m sorry for being this way and making it easy for her to want to leave… But as the song progresses, it becomes more about taking ownership of that sort of stuff. It moves from this song for her to this song for me.

Noah McGuire’s production is as sumptuous as always, synths dance in and out of Flaks’ climbing vocal; with dry percussion laying a rhythmic floor for an ever evolving melody.

“During this move, driving to Los Angeles with Noah, it was this long, straight road, and it didn’t matter if you were going 30 miles per hour or 100 miles per hour, it was just this one straight road for hours and hours and hours. And I just had to believe that I’d eventually be in California. That’s how I feel about my life right now. I could go 30 or 100 and it would be the same road right now, but I have to believe I’m moving towards something. If that’s the case, you might as well go 100. Leaving wasn’t easy, but hopefully whatever comes next will be worth it.” – Nate Flaks of Sleeping Lion


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