Fossa Beats, Thomas White & LIA combine on collaborative EP ‘Promise’

Australian producer Fossa Beats and Canadian beatsmith Thomas White have teamed up for a new collaborative EP entitled ‘Promise’. The three track record features songwriter and vocalist Lia twice. The Montreal based songstress has collaborated with Thomas White before on her single ‘Grave’.

lia1 copy.jpg

The opening track ‘I Promise’ is a future-leaning dance track which swells and whirls its way through a soulful verse to a uniquely glitchy industrial drop. This is seriously considered production work – with enough movement and minimal dynamism to create an energetic hook.

The second song ‘Don’t Go’ puts production front and centre, with a plethora of percussive synths with organic timbres that tend towards eastern melodies. It’ll take you on a meditative journey along a trappy beat.


The final track ‘Anywhere With You’ opens with a steel drum riff, which sits underneath Lia’s soaring melody. Pitched, auto-tuned vocals jump in and out giving the chorus movement. It feels like a cut off an MBDTF-era Kanye West record…with more synths.

“Thomas White and I made these tracks together in the past year over the internet. It’s a bunch of genres mashed together to create a fun, forward thinking EP. So excited for the world to finally hear it <3” -Fossa Beats

Fossa Beats
Thomas White

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