Chatterbox: EMRLD speak about their new single, collaborations and 2018

How did EMRLD come to be?

Libby and I have been creating music as solo artists for almost three years now, and after a long time of friends telling us that we always make our best music when we’re working together, we decided to finally give it a shot and put together a full group project. 

Why did you choose Wine Glass as the first single to release?

Wine Glass is by far my favourite record out of any project that i’ve worked on. The amount of time I put into the extremely precise layers in the beat and the transitions in the track I think make it a very intriguing track to listeners. I wanted the first single off the album to be the most wild song on the album so that listeners can see, musically, how far we want to push the boundaries. 

What is the record about?

This record is essentially about how, when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for such a long time, things can start to get toxic and the people in the relationship can start to lose sight of who they are. I think the wild changes in the beat convey all of the ups and downs of long term relationships the same way the lyrics do. 

How was working with Genevieve?

She is such a wonderful talent who simply lacks the resources to share her gift with the world. She’s an amazing vocalist and songwriter and we were so happy that she wanted to work on the track with us.


Are there more collaborations coming?

Of course! Earlier this year she signed to Block The Wind Records, Libby and I’s label for our solo careers (EMRLD is unsigned), so there are gonna be plenty more collaborations between us in the future. 

What are you looking forward to for 2018?

Putting out so much wonderful new music, everyone better be ready to hear from myself and EMRLD throughout all of 2018. 


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