Scandinavian ambient-pop duo The Ghost of Helags release stunning new single ‘Wildest Dreams’

The Ghost of Helags are a pair of Scandi-poppers who have a fascinating genesis story. At the top of The Mountains of Helags, which is located on the border of Norway and Sweden, the duo had a strange, supernatural experience which led them to make music.

The new record, ‘Wildest Dreams’ is the follow up single to the band’s debut EP ‘Shibuya’. Wildest Dreams is filled with ethereal vocals, ambient synths and sparse percussion. It’s alternative pop that leans towards chill-electronica.

The production is particularly noteworthy – with each element perfectly placed to compliment the other. The track builds towards the end when it starts opening up at 3:07, marching snares and arpeggiated synths pepper the instrumental, providing rhythmic dynamism to a previously subdued soundscape. 


Wildest Dreams was recorded in a remote cabin close to an army base. You can feel the wild Wintery atmosphere perforating the songwriting throughout, with reverb-laden melodies evoking thoughts of forests and nature.


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