SEVNTEEN delivers stylish rap debut ‘Sky High’

SEVNTEEN is a dynamic new rap artist looking to quickly make his mark on this huge and expansive scene. With a plethora of material at the ready, ‘Sky High’ is his suave and flowing debut, packed full of big, hard-hitting synths and a trap beat that will appeal to any rap lover and beyond. Signed to huge label Babygrande Records, there is a clear vision for this young troubadour to take the rap world by storm, and who can argue with him?

The video is a statement from SEVNTEEN, where it shows him around his classmates and highlights the environment that inspired him to create. With hundreds of thousands of new fans already on board through this, his debut album is also on the horizon for what is going to be a groundbreaking few months for this young artist – with the world at his feet.

SEVNTEEN – ‘Sky High’


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