Anna Foye delivers her dosage of sunshine-y pop with ‘Rattlesnake’

Singer-songwriter Anna Foye is not just another piano pop artist. Her vulnerable and emotive way of constructing songs captivates you from the first second, and ‘Rattlesnake’ is an absolute pop covered gem that uncovers this. The South coast songstress has taken on heavier climbs in this one, as she confesses her confliction of identity growing up and the idea of comparing herself to a snake, where she says:

“I came across a piece of information about rattlesnakes that said ‘rattlesnake skin has a set of overlapping scales, providing protection from threats including physical trauma’ and I thought, ‘fine if snakes can protect themselves from the world then so can I.” 

It’s presented in a beautifully arranged and produced pop song, with layered vocals and harmonies, aching keys and a polished, full sound. Written initially with just Foye and her piano, she quickly realised that this song deserved a bigger backing and we are so glad she did this, as the result is a highly addictive track that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Anna Foye – Rattlesnake


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