Did someone say New York Grime? Peep ‘Sun’s 4’ feat. Aions, Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord of Ciphers

New York hip-hop heads are turning their intuitive ears towards the UK’s most vibrant of genres – grime. Inspired by names like AJ Tracey, Stormzy, Little Simz, Flohio and Aitch, all of whom are gathering international renown, Stateside rappers are beginning to foster their own grime scenes across the country.

One place that’s really blossoming right now is New York, hence our review of the collaborative new track ‘Sun’s 4’. Over beats, this track is a cipher-hybrid in which each rapper takes their turn in the limelight, deftly flexing their flows.

As an extra treat, Aions, Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord of Ciphers, also share a video to give you the full vision of what New York grime is all about.

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