Chatterbox: LeyeT

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself

Well hello (: I’m a songwriter and singer living in Los Angeles. I’ve been singing, writing and performing for most of my life, but LeyeT is something extra brand new for me in 2017. LeyeT is pronounced light and… well, I’m sure you can guess the meaning of it…light 😉

Light is resilient and something that can be found everywhere, even the places you’d least expect. It illuminates, enables people to see clearer and it gives energy. These are all things that I want to embody as an artist. LeyeT it up I shall.

Where did the new single come from?

This was one of the first songs I wrote post breakup with the only person I ever imagined a forever with. I had yet to feel that sort of hurt before.

By chance, I met the producer of this single, Nevin, in passing at a studio and he messaged me some of his tracks later that day. This was the first one I wrote to – I remember listening to it on a walk in my neighborhood and running home to write down the ideas that instantly began buzzing in my head. As it has turned out, this was also the first song that sparked my new project LeyeT.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Oh yaaa…lots! I have been writing nonstop and will be consistently releasing singles in the months to come in addition to tracks that I am a featured artist on…there are a few of those in the pipeline.

What’s on the horizon for you?

A whole new artistic journey. A lot of new music to be released and hopefully things even greater than I could imagine. I hope you’ll join me for it all ❤  

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